Advisory Boards

Scientific Advisory Board

Social Sciences
Roni Reiter-Palman (Nebrask), creative performance of individuals and teams
Petra Ahrweiler (Mainz), social consequences of technologies and innovations
Carsten de Dreu (Leiden), psychology of cooperative decision making and conflict regulation

Mireille Hildebrandt (Nijmegen), intersection of law and computer science
Shannon Valor (Santa Clara & Google), ethics of emerging science and technologies

Computers and People
Katja Hommann (Microsoft), AI systems that learn to collaborate with people
Wendy MacKay (Paris), mixed human-machine systems

US & China
Jolanda Gil, ISI, AAAI President
Juanzi Li, Tsinghua University

Societal Advisory Board

Evert Haasdijk, Deloitte
Francesca Rossi, IBM
Hans Wischmann, Philips

Katja Verhulst, directorate Information Society at Ministry of the Interior

Marleen Stikker, De Waag society
Nils Beer, StartupDelta