The Hybrid Intelligence Centre has established a partnership with Humane AI Net, a network of research centers across Europe to facilitate a European brand of trustworthy, ethical AI that enhances Human capabilities and empowers citizens and society to effectively deal with the challenges of an interconnected globalized world.  The micro-projects mechanism from Humane AI Net will be open for PhD students and postdocs from the Hybrid Intelligence Centre to realise internships as part of their training. 

In the same funding round as the HI project, another closely connected gravitation programme has been awarded: Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies (Esdit). The two projects have initiated activities to establish connections, since: 1) addressing ethical aspects forms an important part of creating hybrid intelligent systems that truly support people, and 2) Artificial Intelligence is an important socially disruptive technology considered in the Esdit project.


TNO, the Dutch applied research institute, and the Hybrid Intelligence (HI) program decided to collaborate. The goal is a two way exchange of research progress and societal context. HI researchers learn about the challenges from the provided societally relevant use case by TNO and the associated domain experts and stakeholders. In turn, TNO learns from HI researchers state-of-the-art developments in hybrid intelligence to create societal impact.

Concrete forms of this collaboration between HI researchers and TNO researchers may comprise several activities: i) Knowledge exchange, by facilitating and arranging discussions with other researchers, by code and data sharing, and/or by preparing joint publications; ii) Supervision and internships, e.g. by supervision of master students by TNO, running joint software projects, and/or HI researcher internships at TNO; iii) experiments, events and workshops, making use of eachothers extensive network to find relevant domain experts and participants.

To facilitate these forms of collaborations and help HI and TNO researchers to connect, the Transfer Lab has been established, which shapes the collaboration between HI and TNO. The lab members are:

  • Maaike de Boer (TNO)
  • Bernd Dudzik (TU Delft)
  • Myrthe Tielman (TU Delft)
  • Jasper van der Waa (TNO)

The listed activities above are just a few command ways to seek out collaboration between HI and TNO. If you have any other ideas or thoughts on this, do not hesitate to reach out to the Transfer Lab or one of its members, or contact the HI project manager.


Kickoff meeting June 18th 2021: attended by around 25 participants from both projects.

Panel at the 4TU.Ethics Bi-annual Conference:        “It’s Alive” on 14th/15th October 2021