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Overview presentations

Presentation on Reasoning about Reasoning about Reasoning: From Logic to the Lab, by Rineke Verbrugge.

Slidedeck on Knowledge Graphs for Explanations: what have we learnt? By Ilaria Tiddi.

Slidedeck on Augmenting human intellect, by Catholijn Jonker and Peter Werkhoven.

Presentation on hybrid decision making and the future of law and AI, by Bart Verheij.

Slidedeck on From Artificial Intelligence to Hybrid Intelligenceby Catholijn Jonker.

Slidedeck for the HI-NL HI-OULU meeting.

Slidedeck with a high-level overview talk for a general audience.

Slidedeck for a high level (ministerial level 🙂  ) overview of the project in images only, used at the grant award ceremony.

Specific topics

Keynote by Frank van Harmelen at the HHAI2023 conference on what it will take to make Hybrid Intelligence a fully fledged scientific subfield.

Slidedeck accompanying our paper on a  Hybrid Intelligence Research Agenda, as published in IEEE Computer, Vol. 53, No. 8, pgs. 18-28, Aug. 2020. (see also the recording below).

Recording of the presentation of the above slides about the Research Agenda at the IC3K 2020 conference.

Slidedeck by Ibo van der Poel on the ethics of AI and HI. 

Presentation by Catholijn Jonker for the Justice committee of the Upper House (“Eerste Kamer”) of the Dutch Parliament on October 5th, 2021.

Keynote presentation by Rineke Verbrugge at the ICAART 2020 conference on Theory of Mind for Hybrid Intelligence.

Educational material

Slidedeck for a lecture for 1st year AI students. (see also the recording below). 

Recording of the lecture on HI for 1st year AI students, given by Ilaria Tiddi (slide deck above).