The HI centre will create a national and international focus point for research on all aspects of Hybrid Intelligent systems. By creating intelligent machines that interact with humans, we aim to give people new, intelligent artificial collaborators for joint reasoning to optimize decision-making and problem-solving. This interaction has the potential to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths. HI focuses on the assistive and collaborative role of AI, emphasizing its potential to enhance human intelligence instead of replacing it.

Impact Plan 

To realise its vision of the Hybrid Intelligence Centre has defined an overall Impact Plan. This comprises the Project Strategy, the Quality strategy, Education Strategy, Communication Strategy, and associated Policies, Procedures, Templates and Schedules.

As these documents are subject of continuous improvement due to progess of the programme and our lessons learned, you will find the latest version in the list below. If you have suggestions or procedures are unclear please contact your Project Manager to see where we can clarify or improve. 

EB memberPortfolio
Frank van HarmelenExternal communications
Academic collaborations
Catholijn JonkerExternal communication
Academic collaborations
Integrating scientific output
Rineke VerbruggeEducation
Joost BatenburgCollaborations Public institutions
Piek Vossen/Pradeep MurukannaiahIntegrated systems/challenges
Case studies
Pinar YolumMentoring
Maarten de RijkeCollaboration private companies
Integrating scientific output