Dr. ir. Myrthe Tielman

I am Myrthe Tielman, and my research interests lie in studying how we can help AI systems understand the people they interact with better. For instance, I am interested in how AI systems can use human values, in human-AI teamwork, in trust and in trustworthiness. The idea of Hybrid Intelligence fits my interests perfectly, and I am looking forward to seeing the many ways in which AI and humans intelligence can come together.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant, Supervisor

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Explainable HI, Responsible HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 14. TUD Interactive Machine Reasoning for Responsible HI 
  • 26. VU Knowledge Representation Formalisms for Hybrid Intelligence
  • 37. TUD (assoc) Understanding appropriate trust in Human-AI interaction

Research interests: Human-AI Trust, Value-aware AI, Human-AI collaboration & teamwork, Shared mental models.


  • TU Delft

More informationwebsite TUD