Dr. Victor de Boer

Dr. Victor de Boer profile

I am an assistant professor (UD) at the User-Centric Data Science group at the Computer Science department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and a senior research fellow at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. In my research, I combine Knowledge Representation and Machine Learning with Human-Computer Interaction to tackle research challenges in various domains. These include Cultural Heritage, Digital Humanities and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant, Supervisor

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Explainable HI, Adaptive HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 01.TUD How can AI support human moral judgements? 
  • 26. VU Knowledge Representation Formalisms for Hybrid Intelligence
  • 2.18 Knowledge acquisition methods for polyvocal knowledge graphs
  • 2.20 UT Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Personal Agents

Research interests:  Knowledge Representation, Data Science, Human-in-the-loop, Digital Humanities, ICT4D .


  • VU Amsterdam
  • Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

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