Feline Lindeboom

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Hello, my name is Feline and I started my PhD at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in September 2023. My project treats algorithmic support for large-scale deliberation  and I am supervised by Davide Grossi (RuG) and Pradeep Murukannaiah (TuD). The topic falls primarily within the field of (computational) social choice, combining elements from mathematics, theoretical computer science, (political) philosophy and economics, to ask and answer questions about collective decision making. Before this, I studied Mathematics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, thereby including detours into other exciting fields (like philosophy). I then learnt that I what I really wanted to do, is fun math that is about something; something I find important, preferably.This I found in my current position.

Role in Hybrid Intelligence: PhD Student

Challenge: Dialogue

Hybrid Intelligence Project:

  • 2.7 – Algorithmic support for large-scale deliberation

Affiliation: Multi-Agent Systems, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen