Jonne Maas

Jonne Maas profile

I’m a PhD candidate at the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology section of Delft University of Technology. My research project focuses on the power dynamics underlying the development and use of AI systems. Using insights from democratic theories, I argue these dynamics are currently morally objectionable, and investigate how we can mitigate such unjust power dynamics.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: PhD student

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Responsible HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 41. TUD (assoc) Design for non-domination: towards responsible ML development

Research interests: Ethics of technology, political philosophy, democracy, democratic design, design-for-values.


  • TPM, Delft University of Technology

More information: Maas, J. (2022). Machine learning and power relations. AI & SOCIETY, 1-8. Maas, J. (2022). A neo-republican critique of ai ethics. Journal of Responsible Technology, 9, 100022.