Lucia Donatelli

Lucia Donatelli profile

I am Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, where my research focuses on (multimodal) natural language understanding and human-robot dialogue. With a background in theoretical linguistics, I am interested in how to symbolically model language and other modalities to represent patterns characteristic of these signals, specifically to capture “meaning” in interaction and dialogue. My work thus draws upon processes of child language acquisition and human processing with the goal to design computational models of understanding that can generalize from less data and reason based on abstract principles of language and grounding.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Assistant Professor

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Collaborative AI

Hybrid Intelligence Challenge: Dialogue Challenge

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 2.15 Sharing memories of activities and physical spaces through conversation

Research interests: (Computational) semantics, dialogue, semantic parsing, human-robot interaction, ethics.


  • Computational Linguistics and Text Mining Lab, Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

More information: website / Google Scholar