Maaike de Boer 

Maaike de Boer profile

I am a senior scientist in the department Data Science at TNO. My background is in AI, and I currently focus on Hybrid AI & Natural Language Processing. In the HI consortium, my role is to strengthen the collaboration between HI and TNO through the transfer lab and the Case Study Health – Diabetes.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objective(s): Collaborative HI, Adaptive HI 

Challenge: Dialogue 

Research interests: Hybrid AI (combining data-driven and knowledge-driven), Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph Extraction, Evaluation / Validation


  • Data Science, TNO

Other information:



  • de Boer, M. H., van der Waa, J., van Gent, S., Smit, Q. T., Korteling, W., van Stokkum, R. M., & Neerincx, M. (2023). A contextual Hybrid Intelligent System Design for Diabetes Lifestyle Management. In International Workshop Modelling and Representing Context, ECAI (Vol. 23).
  • van Bekkum, M., de Boer, M., van Harmelen, F., Meyer-Vitali, A., & Teije, A. T. (2021). Modular design patterns for hybrid learning and reasoning systems: a taxonomy, patterns and use cases. Applied Intelligence51(9), 6528-6546.
  • Neutel, S., & de Boer, M. H. (2021, March). Towards Automatic Ontology Alignment using BERT. In AAAI Spring Symposium: Combining Machine Learning with Knowledge Engineering.