Mark Adamik

Mark Adamik profile

I am Mark Adamik, a PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My project is titled ‘common-sense reasoning for embodied agents’ and it is supervised by Ilaria Tiddi and Stefan Schlobach from the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group and by Piek Vossen from Computational Linguistics & Text Mining Lab. I hold degrees in Robotics Engineering with a focus on Human-Robot Interaction and collaborative robotics, and I’m excited to contribute to HI by focusing on how the interaction could be enhanced by augmenting the control algorithms with common-sense reasoning.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: PhD Student

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Adaptive HI, Collaborative HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 31. Common-sense reasoning for embodied agents

Research interests: Common-sense reasoning, Human-Robot Interaction, Affective computing, Natural Language Processing.


  • Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Computational Linguistics & Text Mining Lab, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam