Masha Tsfasman

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My name is Maria Tsfasman (but everyone calls me Masha) and I am a PhD candidate at TU Delft. The goal of my PhD is to create a socially-aware conversational memory system in a social robot. To achieve that, I’m studying the way human memory works in long-term group interactions. I will then apply the insights received from human-human data to a memory model implemented into a social robot. I’m doing all that under supervision of Catharine Oertel and Catholijn Jonker. Always open for collaborations so drop me an email if you have anything in mind!

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Collaborative HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • TUD (assoc) Memory for Conversational Agents

Research interests:  Conversational memory, Social signal processing, Human robot interaction, Conversational agents.


  • TU Delft

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