Prof. Dr. Davide Grossi

Prof. Dr. Davide Grossi profile

Who am I? My name is Davide Grossi. I am an expert in collective decision-making: how to make groups work intelligently together to achieve results that no group member could achieve on its own. My contribution to the Hybrid Intelligence project is to bring this ‘group intelligence’ perspective into the design of novel methods for machines and humans to cooperate.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Co-coordinator of the Special Interest Group on Deliberation and Argumentation, former co-coordinator of the Responsible HI research line

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Responsible HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 05 Computational Deliberation (with Dr. Eliseo Ferrante, VU)
  • 19 Explaining Data-Drive Decisions with Legal, Ethical or Societal Impact to End Users (with Prof. H. Prakken, UU and Prof. B. Verheij, RUG)

Research interests: Game and social choice theory, computational economics, argumentation theory, logic.


  • University of Groningen

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