Prof. Dr. Mark Neerincx

Prof. Dr. Mark Neerincx profile

I am a full Professor in Human-Centered Computing at TU Delft, and Principal Scientist at TNO in the Human-Machine Teaming department. Key theme is the socio-cognitive engineering (SCE) of hybrid intelligence, particularly artificial, virtual or physical, agents (ePartners) that show social, cognitive and affective behaviors to enhance performance, resilience, health and/or wellbeing. Examples are robotic and virtual assistants that help patients to cope with their chronic disease (such as diabetics) in different self-managements activities, and robots that help older adults with dementia and care givers to establish positive experiences of life in the care centers.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Supervisor

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Collaborative HI, Explainable HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 11.TUD Design patterns for hybrid intelligent teams (with Annette ten Teije and Willem-Paul Brinkman)
  • 12.VU Identity, reference and perspective in personal communication models, (with Piek Vossen)

Research interests: Socio-cognitive engineering, electronic partners, social robots, human-agent/robot teamwork, human-AI co-learning.


  • Delft University of Technology
  • TNO

More information: website TUD