Prof. Dr. Pinar Yolum Birbil

Prof. Dr. Pinar Yolum Birbil profile

I am a faculty member at Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University. I have been doing research at the intersection of artificial intelligence and privacy, where we design and develop intelligent agents that can help people while respecting their privacy. I am also the program coordinator of the AI Masters Program at UU and teach the Intelligent Agents course.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant, Supervisor

Hybrid Intelligence Research Objectives: Collaborative HI, Responsible HI

Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 06. Computational theory of mind for collaborative privacy (with Frank Dignum and Rineke Verbrugge)
  • 39 UU Methodology and Metrics for Hybrid Intelligence
  • 2.16 Responsible autonomy for hybrid intelligence

Research interests: Multiagent systems, privacy, trust.


  • Utrecht University

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