Ramira van der Meulen

Hi! I’m Ramira, a PhD candidate in the area of human-AI collaboration. My project concerns itself with creating a shared background and mutual understanding in decision-making processes (‘creating common ground’) – under the supervision of dr. Max van Duijn (Leiden University) and prof. dr. Rineke Verbrugge (University of Groningen). In my spare time, I like playing and optimising card/board/video games: an element I try to bring into my work on decision-making in competitive and collaborative settings.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: PhD Candidate, Admin of the Special Interest Group on Theory of Mind

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Collaborative HI

Hybrid Intelligence Project(s): 

  • 2.13: Modelling mindreading in human-machine collaboration

Research interests: Agent Simulations, Human-AI Interaction, Theory of Mind, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics


  • LIACS (Creative Intelligence Lab), Leiden University
  • Bernoulli (Multi-agent Systems), University of Groningen