Roel Dobbe tenured at Department of
Engineering Systems and Services (TUD) 


Roel Dobbe got tenure at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management in the Department of Engineering Systems and Services. His lab, called “Socio-Technical-Ecological perspectives on Algorithmic  and Data-driven (STEAD) Systems Lab”, aims to build bridges between the technical disciplines typically involved in the foundational advances in these systems as well as their applications, and the many non-technical disciplines and actors that are or should be engaged in better understanding their impacts and design for safer and more responsible configurations.  



Christof Monz appointed professor of Language Technology (UvA) 

Christof Monz has been appointed professor of Language Technology at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). His professorial inauguration is on June 1st 2023, entitled "From patterns to meaning and back.



The title of PInar Yolum's professor chair will be Trustworthy AI (UU)

PInar Yolum has been appointed professor at Utrecht University (UU) at the Faculity of Science, Department of Information and Computing Sciences. Once the date of her inaugural lecture is set this will be communicated the HI community. 



Bernd Dudzik, Mike Ligthart, Erman Acar,  Karine Miras
all promoted to Assistant professors

Good news, four of our HI Post-docs were already promoted to assistant professors. Luckily, they will stay affiliated with the Hyrbid Intelligence Centre having projects to supervise in the 1st or 2nd recruitment round. We are looking forward to their much-valued contributions to the programme.


HI Meetings & Activities


2nd Workshop on Human-Interactive Robot Learning

Kim Baraka is co-organising the 2nd Workshop on Human-Interactive Robot Learning, at the Human-Robot Interaction conference in Stockholm in May 2023. 



Post Mortem AI discussion series kicks off with Odette Scharenborg as first presenter


"The limitations of state-of-art speech recognisers" presented by Odette Scharenborg


On April 13, 2023, the HI Special Interest Group on Ethics organised the first of a Post Mortem AI discussion series. The goal of this series is to bring together philosophical researchers from ESDiT and empirical researchers from Hybrid Intelligence to discuss ways in which the development and implementation of artificial intelligence went wrong, and how we can improve on such errors in the future.  



Consortium meeting 8-10 May 

Let's hop on a boat and stay for three days on a beautiful island. This May, next to several different weather types, the Vlieland meeting has offered us a programme centered around co-activities. Matt Johnson presented his keynote lecture on "Co-activity analysis" and guided the subsequent exercise to try and make a co-activity analysis for our two Case Studies on Diabetes and Robotic Surgery. We enjoyed each others company while having dinner, going for beautiful walks, including the HI outdoor assignment organised by Davide Dell'Anna, bowling, swimming and watching the movies selected by Max van Duijn. We thank all Matrix Leads for organising their meetings and giving an introduction to the new structure in HI. Following the poster session all posters including those who did not find the opportunity to present will end up on the HI website soon.



Consortium meeting 6 February 

The programme of our consortium meeting in Amersfoort was centered around the Debate on the relevance of Large Language Models to HI.  Each panel member, Piek Vossen, Maarten de Rijke, and Bart Verheij, presented two propositions to start a lively panel discussion with the audience. 


Masha Tsfasman under the guidance of Enrico and Catholijn from the TU Delft team won the ChatGPT challenge, with "The promising use-case of ChatGPT: Analysing group deliberations and debates". To make sure that the new projects and their initiators of our second recruitment round are well known to all consortium members we organised speed-dates to discuss the project goals and how they connect with the existing projects and initiatives.



HI consortium meetings

12 - 13 September 2023

Calendar invites

- 1st day, 2nd day (12-13 Sep)


Grants, Papers & Prizes


HI part of winning team in the AI for Global Climate Cooperation Competition  

Erman Acar, Robert Loftin and Bram Renting were part of the winning team in the AI for Global Climate Cooperation Competition. This competition focused at designing climate agreements and negotiation protocols that lead to a sustainable future.



Birna van Riemsdijk among the 5 nominees for Women in AI NL

We’re proud that Birna van Riemsdijk is one of the 5 nominees for the “Women researchers in AI NL” awards. The award is dedicated to women conducting research that has an impact on the future of AI, women willing to contribute with their expertise and personality to lead the future of AI. Many congratulations to Birna for this well deserved nomination! 



Hayley Hung wins ERC consolidator grant

Hayley Hung has been awarded an ERC consolidator grant. The NEON project investigates how we can develop artificially intelligent systems to infer social intentions from non-verbal behaviour.


The project addresses intention detection in open-ended contexts involving large unstructured social gatherings such as networking or mingling events. During these events, there are no prearranged conversations, multiple conversations can occur at the same time, and all conversation come about via coordination with multiple independent actors with their own possibly conflicting goals. How do we train machines to perceive plausible intentions in these complex, unstructured social environments?



Siddarth Mehrotra wins book from Prof. Ben Shneiderman  

With his report entitled ‘Designing for Appropriate Trust in Human-AI Interaction’, Siddarth Mehrotra was one of the winners of best report on Human-Centered AI on the topic of Designing for Appropriate Trust in Human-AI Interaction organized by Prof. Ben Shneiderman in cooperation with Oxford University Press 100th NOTE of Human-Centered AI Google Group. He will receive a signed copy of the book Human-Centered AI from Oxford University Press.



Henry Prakken wins Stanford CodeX 2023 price  

At CodeX FutureLaw 2023 Conference, it was announced that Henry Prakken was awarded with the 2023 CodeX Prize, an annual award given to an individual or group for a noteworthy contribution to computational law. He is one of the three winning academic researchers from three different countries who have collaborated for decades on legal argumentation theory. Their areas of research broadly impact on how artificial intelligence can be leveraged in the formulation of sophisticated legal arguments.






External events


Mike Ligthart presents at TEDxVUAmsterdam 

Mike Ligthart was one of the speakers of the third event of TEDxVUAmsterdam, which focussed on the theme 'Shaping Tomorrow'. His TEDtalk, entitled ‘A Robot With a Story’, introduced the audience to Hero and Memo, two social robots. Hero wants to become champion of the robo-olympics. Memo, on the other hand, has no nose and just wants to know how the forest smells like. Through their stories, Hero is able to distract children with cancer from stressful moments in the hospital and Memo is able to elicit stories, thought forgotten, from people with dementia. These stories were created by a close collaboration between creative writers, the people interacting with the robots, and me, an artificial intelligence (AI) researcher. In this TEDtalk, Mike reflected on this collaboration, and professed his love for the profession of writers and all that it brings. By understanding, no feeling, the human experience writers are pivotal for designing meaningful interactions between people and social robots. Something AI cannot solve on its own. The TED talk can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/OnJ-ZtEnwi4


Selection Keynotes 2023

“Authenticity in the Digital Age: Designing for Appropriate Trust” 
 Siddarth Mehrotra gave a keynote at the ‘Authenticity in the Digital Age’ symposium in Tilburg, NL, 2023.

“Combining Knowledge Graphs with Machine Learning” 
 Frank van Harmelen was keynote speaker at  SWAT4HCLS, Semantic Wep Applications and Tools for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Basel, Switzerland, 2023. 


Selection Presentations 2023

“Aspects of provability and interpretability” 
Rineke Verbrugge was invited to give the prestigious 2023 Lindström Lectures, University of Gothenborg, Sweden, 2023. 

“ChatGPT en andere taalmodellen” (ChatGPT and other language models) 
Michiel van der Meer gave a presentation for the Management Team (MT) of the Dutch Normalisation Institute (Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut, NEN) in Delft, NL, 2023. 


FoMo lecture by Selene Báez Santamaría

Selene Báez Santamaría gave a lecture in the FoMo series, which is a series of seminars highlighting the work being done in Amsterdam around foundation models: large, highly re-usable machine learning models trained on great amounts of data.


Selenes FoMo lecture is entitled ‘A Practical Approach to GPTx Models: Evaluating Task-Specific Performance and Insights’, concerning task-specific performance of large language models. Within research, the API accessibility of such models has made it possible to effortlessly explore these model’s performance on a wide range of scientific tasks. In this talk Selene presented her findings from three specific tasks: knowledge base completion, argument mining, and task-oriented dialogue incorporating subjective knowledge.



From the management


Matrix structure and Mid-term review interview

By now the Hybrid Intelligence Centre is working with the matrix structure as depicted. To find more information and your position in the matrix please complete this survey. Based on the survey results mailing lists and the project manual will be updated. Please send an email to the HI project manager if you are not on your preferred mailing list yet. 

On the 5th of September, a delegation of our Hybrid Intelligence Centre will be interviewed by the review committee selected by NWO. To prepare for this evaluation we delivered our self-evaluation report by the 1st of April 2023. Once the evaluation has been finished the report will be made public.






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