Coverpiece on the HI programme in I/O Magazine 

I/O magazine publishes in their December 2023 issue a coverpiece on the Hybrid Intelligence Programme. Author Bennie Mols interviewed Hayley Hung and Bart Verheij on the programme, the implications of ChatGPT and how they hope the programme will affect the development of AI. 



Davide Dell'Anna promoted to
Assistant professor

Effective February 1st, Davide Dell’Anna will assume the role of assistant professor in Utrecht University's Department of Information and Computing Sciences. Specializing in normative systems, explainability-by-design, methodologies and metrics for HI systems, Dell’Anna's expertise aligns with the Responsible AI group's focus. His professional profile and research can be accessed on his official webpage, promising valuable contributions to the university's advancements in AI research.



Catholijn Jonker elected as NAE fellow

Catholijn Jonker was elected as one of founding Fellows of the newly formed Netherlands Academy of Engineering. The NAE unites the top experts active in technological sciences and applied research and development. Only 62 leading experts nationwide were elected as founding Fellows across all disciplines.



Ammodo interviews Frank van Harmelen

Frank van Harmelen was interviewed by Ammodo, an organisation that stimulates the development of arts, architecture and sciences. The interview (in dutch) discusses how human and machine can collaborate successfully.



Tenure for Shihan Wang

Shihan Wang got tenure at the department of Information and Computing Science, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University. She will continue her research on reinforcement learning, with a focus on learning through efficient and reliable communication. It covers the interactions between human and agent, as well as among multiple agents. 



Booklet on AI by Bennie Mols 

Science journalist Bennie Mols published a booklet for the general public on how AI can support humans instead of replacing them, with an entire chapter on Hybrid Intelligence. 



HI and TNO announce collaboration at World AI Summit

At the World AI Summit in Amsterdam in October 2023, Catholijn Jonker (HI) and Peter Werkhoven (TNO) announced that the Hybrid Intelligence Center and TNO will enter a collaboration focussed on augmenting humans with AI, starting with diabetes self management. A two-way transfer lab is opened to research the effective and responsible use of human-centric AI in real world situations.



Virginia Dignum appointed at United Nations Advisory Body on AI

Virginia Dignum, associate professor on Social Artificial Intelligence at TUD and professor on AI and Society at Umeå University, Sweden, has been appointed as a member of the United Nation’s High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence. The body provides advice and proposes solutions for the governance and management of AI at the global international level. Virginia is one of the in total 38 experts that were appointed, from different scientific fields and backgrounds.


HI Meetings & Activities


Our 12th Consortium meeting

Our 12th consortium meeting (at the end of year 4) was dedicated to the arrival of our 2nd cohort of PhD students and postdocs, with onboarding for the 2nd cohort, while the 1st cohort discussed “their legacy and their future”. Plus ample meeting time for our Special Interest Groups (on Reinforcement Learning, on Dialogue, on Theory of Mind and on Ethics), and a brilliant keynote from Rineke Verbrugge who took us from the formalisation of Theory of Mind, through implementations in agents, all the way to experiments with human subjects. And great Asian fusion food!



Jordi Top invited speaker at Logic and Interative Rationality Seminar

Jordi Top was invited speaker at the Logic and Interative Rationality Seminar, the weekly seminar of the Amsterdam Dynamics Group, focusing on the logical, philosophical and computational aspects of agency, rational interaction and social informational dynamics. He presented on the Predictive Theory of Mind Models Based on Public Announcement Logic.



12-13 September 2023, Amsterdam

Speed dating with new arrivals, 1-minute madness plus posters, sessions on the Challenges, SIGs and Use Cases, an “ask me anything” panel, and a keynote on “HI: from vision to science”.



26-30 June, HHAI 2023, Munich 

The 2nd edition of the Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence Conference, took place from 26 to 30th of June 2023 in the great location of the Design Offices Macherei in München Ost. Like last year, HHAI2023 was organized as a single-track program to encourage exchanging ideas and perspectives among different research fields relevant to hybrid intelligence. As in the earlier version of HHAI2022 in Amsterdam, there were several workshops, tutorials, and a hackathon, this year a very successful doctoral consortium was added to the program. More than 20 HIC members participated actively at HHAI2023. They enjoyed three wonderful keynotes of Ana Paiva, Yvonne Rogers, and Frank van Harmelen, as well as more than 20 excellent presentations with often very engaging discussions about the nature of Hybrid Intelligence.




HI consortium meetings

16-17 April 2024
17-18 September 2024
26-27 November 2024


Calendar invites

Link to calendar
Link to calendar
Link to calendar



10-14 June, HHAI 2024, Malmö

This year, the HHAI community, among them certainly many HIC researchers, will travel to Malmö for midsummer to HHAI 2024 (10-14 June). Join us for what will undoubtedly be another great event in the HHAI series.


Grants, Papers & Prizes


Best paper award at CoNLL in Singapore for Max van Duijn

Max van Duijn and his co-authors received the best paper award at the yearly Conference on Computational Natrural Language Learning (CoNLL) in Singapore for the Children’s Story Corpus on which they had been working on since 2019 at LIACS. The resource paper releases ChiSCor, a new corpus containing 619 fantasy stories, told freely by 442 Dutch children aged 4-12. The paper details how ChiSCor was compiled and shows its potential for future work as well as a reflection on the value of narrative datasets in computational linguistics.



Siddharth Mehrotra awarded as DAAD AInet fellow

Siddarth Mehrotra has been selected as a DAAD AInet fellow for the Postdoc-NeT-AI Networking Week on Human-centered AI. DAAD is the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), the world’s largest funding organisation for the international exchange of students and researchers. The Postdoctoral Networking Tour in Artificial Intelligence (Postdoc NeT-AI) aims to offer scientific talents from all over the world a personalized gateway to the German AI research community. The fellowship includes a fully sponsored one week visit to any research institution or university in Germany, membership in DAAD Ainet Fellows Network and DAAD Alumni Association.



VIDI-grant for Andrew Yates

Andrew Yates won an NWO VIDI grant for his research proposal entitled ‘IDEAS: Incremental Dense Representations’. The research concerns improvements to content-based search and recommendation systems. These usually take a piece of text as an input, such as a web page or a job posting, and create a representation of this entire text that is used to return results for the user’s query or recommendation need. This approach works well, but it lacks control over how parts of the input text influence the resulting representation. Andrew proposes a paradigm where information is incrementally added into a representation piece-by-piece. This control can improve result quality and enable analysis of the content inside a representation, allowing us to look for harmful content like biases.



Honorable Mention at ACII 2023 for paper by HI members 

The paper “Fine-grained Affective Processing Capabilities Emerging from Large Language Models” by Joost Broekens, Bernhard Hilpert, Suzan Verberne, Kim Baraka, Patrick Gebhard and Aske Plaat has won the Honorable Mention at the International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interactions (ACII 2023). Their paper is available here.



Best paper award for Ilaria, Victor and Stefan

The paper “Knowledge Engineering for Hybrid Intelligence” by Ilaria Tiddi, Victor de Boer, Stefan Schlobach (all VU Amsterdam) and André Meyer-Vitali (DFKI) received the best research paper award at KCAP 2023, the conference on Knowledge Capture, one of the two leading venues worldwide on Knowledge Engineering. 


The paper investigates how classical Knowledge Engineering methods can be adapted for use in HI scenarios, and proposes a new ontology for HI knowledge roles, a set of HI tasks, and a repository for HI scenario’s, allowing reuse, validation and design of existing and new HI applications.


Welcome & Goodbye



Jacub Tomczak, Eliseo Ferrante, and Robert Loftin thank you for your contributions to the HI consortium, and best wishes on your new career steps. 

Welcome on board of the HI consortium: Mustafa Mert Çelikok, Ludi van Leeuwen, Johanna Wolff, Bernard Hilpert, Floris den Hengst, Leon Eshuijs, Chkenxu Hao, Beliz Anastasia Akkuzu, Giacomo Zamprogno, Annika Kniele, Saloni Singh, Ramira van der Meulen, Feline Lindeboom, Lena Malnatsk, Hüseyin Aydin, Amir Homayounirad, Anna Kononova



Welcome Sherwin!

Herke van Hoof is a proud father to baby Sherwin, born on the 26th of December. Both mom and baby are doing well! Congratulations, on the arrival of your precious son!


External events


Selection Keynotes 2023
"Hybrid Intelligence: Value-alignment, Meaningful human-control, and Co-activity"

Catholijn Jonker and Koen Hindriks were invited as keynote speakers to Arctic AI Days  in Oulu, Finland 

“Algorithms as Sociotechnical Systems: A systems and control paradigm for research, engineering and governance”
Roel Dobbe presented at UC Berkely and UC San Diego (USA, 2023)

“Hybrid Intelligence: from vision to science”
Frank van Harmelen was keynote speaker at the HHAI 2023 conference in Munich, Germany



From the management


Welcome to Shenghui Wang (Twente) as new member of the Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the highest decision making body of our consortium: all decisions on research direction, budget and organisation are made by the EB. Every participating university has a representative in the EB, and Shenghui will be representing the University of Twente. She will also hold the portfolio of our infrastructure budget, where we have funds for engineering, experiment costs, hardware and software.



Update mid-term review: good news

All projects under NWO’s Gravitation (“Zwaartekracht”) programme are evaluated in their 4th year to decide if they have done sufficiently well to qualify for the 2nd round of funding for their years 6-10. The evaluation is carried out by an international committee of scientists from across all disciplines. We supplied the committee with a compact 16 page mid-term review report, and a representation of the consortium (consisting of senior researchers, mid-career researchers, PhD students and postdocs) met with the committee on September 5th for a presentation and an interview. We have now been informed that the committee is very satisfied with our progress and has recommended the continuation of our grant. We expect the official decision of the ministry shortly.



Site visits to all of you

As an addition to the content-oriented meetings we have, part of the management team (Catholijn, Wendy, Frank) went on a tour to visit each of the universities for a conversation on how the participation is working out so far: is everybody aware of all the resources that are available, is everybody as well connected as they want to be, which things could be improved on both the university side and the management team’s side?  We have already completed visits to Leiden, Utrecht, Twente, Groningen, Amsterdam (UvA), and Delft. VU is still upcoming. The visits are yielding useful insights and plans for both the universities and the management team. We’ll collect these in a short note once we have completed our tour.






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